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August 22nd, 2015: New Web Page is online
www.rese-apps.com went online today.

We revised our webpage to support mobile computing and the https standard. For some time, rese.ch will remain online in parallel - but be aware that the latest information will be put on rese-apps.com only.

July 1st, 2015: New releases of ATCOR
ATCOR 2/3 version 9 and ATCOR 4 version 7 are now available

This is to announce that major updates to ATCOR-3 and ATCOR-4 have been released.

The software packages include some major enhancements:

Licensed users will obtain instructions as of how to upgrade their installation. Please contact us in case you're interested testing the new version.

July 25th, 2014: New release of PARGE
PARGE version 3.2 is now available

The new version of PARGE offers improved capabilities to ease the workflow. This is of special advantage for efficient processing of UAV scanner data.

Updated and new Features:

December 10th, 2013: New release of ATCOR-4
ATCOR-4 version 6.3 is now available

ReSe includes the first universal BRDF correction method available on the market as part of the ATCOR software package. The BRDF effects correction method (BREFCOR) has been created for an unsupervised, model based BRDF correction of airborne wide FOV scanner data.

Further improvements in this release:

November 3rd, 2013: New ATCOR release
ATCOR-3 version 8.3 is now available

Improvements in this release:

October 8th, 2013:
MODO v5.1 - has been released - now available for download

This update brings full support for the latest MODTRAN release, version 5.3.2. Customers having bought MODO after October 1st 2012 are entitled for a free upgrade to the latest release; for older licenses an upgrade fee applies.

Changes are:

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