Features of ATCOR2 and ATCOR3

Overview of features common to both programs:

Atmospheric Database

Supported Satellite Sensors

Technical Requirements


All output image files are stored as BSQ (band sequential) binary with ENVI header.

Features available in ATCOR3 only

The satellite scene has to be ortho-rectified to a DEM (digital elevation model) before the ATCOR3 processing starts. DEM slope and aspect files have to be calculated as well. The ray tracing programs SKYVIEW and SHADOW are optional, but should be completed prior to the main ATCOR3 processing.
This processing eliminates the atmospheric/topographic effects and generates surface data (reflectance, temperature) corresponding to a flat terrain. Problems can arise in regions where the spatial resolution of the DEM is not adequate.

For topographic processing with ATCOR 3, the following features are available:

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