Supported Satellite Sensors

An processing module is included in ATCOR-3 for hyperspectral sensors such as Hyperion or CHRIS/Proba; these sensors do not have a stable spectral calibration or a large number of spectral modes. Therefore, the atmospheric LUTs frequently have to be recalculated in compliance with the updated spectral calibration. A simple interface is available to specify the required sensor information (number of channels, field-of-view, and channel spectral response curves). This information is subsequently used to calculate the sensor-specific atmospheric LUTs from the monochromatic atmospheric database supplied with the add-on module of ATCOR. Although this add-on module is mainly intended for hyperspectral sensors it can also be employed for definition of new multispectral instruments. The distribution includes examples of the sensor definition files for CHRIS (hyperspectral template), ASTER (multispectral template), and Hyperion.

Examples of supported hyperspectral satellite sensors

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