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ReSe Applications Schlaepfer provide a variaty of dedicated remote sensing software applications that pre-process hyperspectral imaging data from airborne, and satellite imaging scanners. The software is opimized for finalization using 3rd-party remote-sensing software such as IDL, and ENVI.

PARGE®: Parametric Geocoding and Orthorectification

Direct parametric geocoding and orthorectification of airborne imaging scanners with special focus on imaging spectroscopy. Please visit the detailed PARGE®; description or take a look at the PARGE data sheet for more information.

ATCOR®: Atmospheric & Topographic Correction:

Inversion of Modtran5® for the most complete topographic and atmospheric radiometric compensation of airborne imaging spectroscopy and other optical scanner imagery. Two major versions of the ATCOR-family are available (see also ATCOR2/3/4 data sheet):

MODO: Modtran® for Remote Sensing Research

Simulation of the spectral radiance in the atmosphere using embedded Modtran®-4 or Modtran®-5 radiative transfer technology. The MODO software installer is available through our download area. See also our MODO data sheets for MODO-5 or for MODO-4 for a brief information.

Supported Remote Sensing Software and Process Integration

For more information on the integration of our remote sensing software applications, as well as for a list of supportet sensors, please refer to Remote Sensing Software Applications Process.

How to Purchase?

Please ask for a quote or for a price list at info@rese.ch. Some of our product and licensing options can be found in our online store.

All software is based on IDL (Exelis VIS Inc.) technology and is compatible to Windows, Linux, Unix, and Mac OSX through the free IDL Virtual Machine. MODO and all ATCOR® programs are using Modtran® technology licensed from the United States of America, as represented by the United States Air Force, under U.S. Patent Nos. 5,884,226, 7,433,806 and 7,593,835 B2.  
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