Parametric Geocoding & Orthorectification for Airborne Optical Scanner Data


What's PARGE® ?

PARGE® is the orthorectification and direct geocoding software for airborne optical scanner data. It performs an ortho-rectification of line scanner imagery using a digital elevation model on the basis of high precision flight parameters such as GPS position and attitude angles. Using accurate digital elevation models and optional ground control points, sub-pixel geometric accuracy is achieved. The program is suited for the correction of all kinds of airborne scanner imagery and is optimized for airborne hyperspectral instruments. Directly supported sensors so far are: AISA (Eagle/Hawk), AVIRIS, APEX, Itres' CASI/SASI/TASI, Deadalus ATM, HyMap, Probe-1, MIVIS, PHILLS/Samson, NEO's HYSPEX, Resonon-Pika, and Headwall Photonics Hyperspec®,

Key Capabilities

The software offers these key advantages:


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